by Carl: Well we’ve been pretty busy lately getting ready for our ‘retirement’ trip. We’ll start in Hawaii and keep heading west from there until we get back home. Lots of planning involved since we’re traveling on our own and mixing up transportation (plane, train, ferry, car) as well as lodging (hotel, BnB, AirBnB, train sleeper). Plus all the other little trip details – prescriptions, bill pay, blog, family stuff, loading up on movies and apps, cat food, etc. I’m also leading  a USF OLLI class starting next week that I’m  preparing for. And Kathy is still working full time. And there’s always life (after all, it’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans). Of course the older you get more and more life things seem to need attention.

Initially we thought about retracing our gap year trip (1978/1979) but with a larger budget and more comfort (not hitchhiking and en suite bathrooms). That trip started and ended in England in the Fall (cheap round trip tickets).  We traveled pretty quickly through France, Germany, and Switzerland from there trying to find warm weather (we’re both from Florida) and spent a bit more time in sunny Italy.  When we started getting cold in Italy we headed to Greece then Israel.  That’s as far as we got, working our way back from there as the weather warmed. That trip would be fun to relive but finding those places again would be difficult (memories are hazy at best) and we don’t really want to take a year we changed to an RTW. This also gives us an opportunity to visit a bunch of countries we hadn’t been to before.  So we created this blog to chronicle the trip as well as post past travel experiences. Our goal is to keep this updated every few days as we go.  We’ll see.

Kathy (Greece) and I (London Trafalgar) many years ago…

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