We’re on the road, finally. Kathy’s last day at work was Wednesday and we left on Thursday.  So now we’re in Honolulu.  With the first leg of our travels under our belts, we’re settled in at the Hale Koa in Waikiki.  It was a long trip from Tampa via Dallas (3-1/2 hour delay when our original aircraft had some hydraulic issues and American had to find us a different plane) but we had upgraded to first class so we were quite comfortable. Our pod-like ‘seats’ allowed us to fully stretch out, watch a few movies, and enjoy some good food and wine.

from Kathy’s pod to mine
not a bad way to fly

So far in Hawaii we visited the Honolulu Museum of Art and Shangri La on Friday and hiked up Diamond Head yesterday.  Lots of walking – 26,018 and 27,861 steps respectively (we’ll try to track steps as we go). The Diamond Head trail was a circus.

Diamond Head trail

We were there late morning Saturday which is probably one of the worst times to visit.  The switchback trail was literally crawling with people.  The hike up the rim wasn’t bad (we had walked from our hotel) and of course the view from the top was amazing.  So it was definitely worthwhile but we’ll pick a better time when we do it again.  Shangri La was impressive (extremely rich heiress travels the world and builds an Arabic-themed seaside retreat in Hawaii).  The entrance fees were $25 each for Shangri La and $1 for Diamond Head.

We’ve had some good food – musubi (tuna, salmon, and spam of course) and bentos (one we picked up the first day at Foodland grocery store was $7.99 for a big piece of fried chicken, a ton of rice, and spicy ahi poke).  We had excellent musubi at Waikiki Yokocho Gourmet Alley on the way back from Diamond Head yesterday – rice triangles with circular filling ($2.50 each).

tuna mayo and salmon musugi, yummy!

We also shared a bowl of frozen whipped banana (no dairy, no sugar) from the Banan food truck in Diamond Head.  That was our reward for the walk/hike.  It was different but really good ($12 for the bowl).

The weather’s been cloudy but pleasant. We had some drizzle yesterday while we were relaxing in the hotel hot tub but the temperature has been fine for playing tourist.   Clear, blue skies today.

We have a reservation at the USS Arizona memorial at 1:00 today so we plan to ride the bus out there early and spend some time reflecting on the place, events, and consequences of what happened there.

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