Honolulu Day Five

The #42 bus ride from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor took a little over an hour yesterday. Once there we dropped off a backpack at the entrance ($5) and wandered around the site until our 1:00 visit to the Arizona. There are two good, small museums on site that help put December 7, 1941 into perspective. The first depicts events leading up to the attack, the other describes the battle. Those, in addition to the film in the theater before boarding the boat, provide a good background to the memorial so allow some time for them before your scheduled tour time.

WWII was monumental in the world but also in our family history.  Dad served in the Army in Europe and Mom in the Navy in California, both during the war.  They didn’t talk much about their experiences but there’s no doubt the battle of Pearl Harbor affected them personally.  Without those experiences, who knows how things would have turned out.

A US Navy boat ferried us from the park to the Arizona in about 5 minutes.  We passed the hospital ship Mercy, a peace ship in the midst of a horrific naval battle site.  Maybe there’s hope.  As history buffs, the Arizona memorial was emotional for both of us.  When you’re aware of events that transpired in a location and mindful of their impact on the people there as well as history, you can feel the place.  War memorials are monuments to sacrifice, heroism, and peace. https://www.nps.gov/valr/index.htm

We rode the bus back to Ala Moana Center for a late lunch/early dinner at the Shirokiya Japan Village Walk (on the ground floor of Nordstrom).  Tough decision because there are so many choices but you really can’t go wrong.  Not only a good meal but great experience.  Definitely recommended.  https://www.alamoanacenter.com/en/directory/shirokiya-japan-village-walk-19148.html

Happy Hour All Day $1 beer at Shirokiya Honolulu

Gyoza dumplings, takiyaki, and okonomyaki

ice cream on Waikiki Beach

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  1. Sharon vollrath Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day.