This is a bit off topic from our current trip but I just received my course evaluation and want to provide a quick update to my friends from that class. [Background note – I recently taught a short course on travel in European wine regions for the University of South Florida Osher Lifelong Learning Institute].

First, thanks to all 20+ participants who joined me. Your overwhelmingly positive comments indicate you enjoyed the class but I’m mindful of your constructive criticism. The main area for improvement is that there’s so much to be covered that we should schedule another session. Well that’s the plan. However because of other obligations this year (2018) I’m hoping to offer another class in early 2019.  So keep an eye on the schedule.  Thanks again for your interest in the subject and active participation.  I’m grateful to be associated with the program and glad that I could add to your knowledge of wine and travel.  I hope they enrich your life’s experience like they have mine.  In vino veritas.

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