Quick note as we head out to Takayama this morning. We’re leaving the Hotel MyStays Premier right outside the train station in Kanazawa and I want to give a shout out to the hotel. Beautiful, modern hotel, reasonable rate, great staff, great location. Some of the amenities include the obligatory heated toilet seat, (almost) instant scalding hot water, CNN, fast and reliable Wifi, steam-free bathroom mirror over the sink, traditional pajamas and slippers, hot pot and tea, frig, free clothes washer and drier, and more….

Since today is a travel day for us, we had the hotel breakfast buffet (1500 yen each, about $15). It was traditional Japanese with a few western touches (croissants, coffee, toast, eggs, bacon). We enjoyed the dumplings, steamed vegetables, rice, noodles, fish and meat items (unidentified but good), yogurt, fruit, and of course coffee with cream. Having a good breakfast is helpful when traveling like we do since we don’t really know where we’ll be throughout the day and eating can be a challenge. We have dinner tonight at Ryokan Asunaro in Takayama so we just need to get through the day. I’ll catch up on the days in Tokyo and Kyoto after we left Hawaii in upcoming posts. Time to head out to the station.  Sayonara.

Kathy and mackerel at the Kanazawa Hotel MyStays Premier breakfast buffet, preparing for the train ride to Takayama

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