Flew from Tokyo to Taipei yesterday on Tiger Air. Not a bad flight for a discount airline except we got busted for bringing two beers on board (we had mistakenly thought we could bring food and drink along). All well after an apology but two good Kirins down the drain 🙁

Transport from the airport to our hotel district on the metro rail was easy and inexpensive. However when we got to our hotel there was some confusion about our reservation and they didn’t have a room for us for the 4 nights we’d be in Taipei. So we’d spend one night here and 3 at a different hotel. The front desk recommended we head to the Mitsukoshi department store for dinner since there are restaurants and food courts there.

About a 10 minute walk. The first place we came across in the basement (B2) level was Din Tai Fung so we got a ticket and waited about 40 minutes for a table. It was worth it as the famous dumplings there were high on our list for Taipei. We had the house special salad (tofu and vegetable shreds), two kinds of xiaolongbao dumplings (pork, shrimp), and two large Taiwan beers. The food was great and the staff were extremely helpful. It was a fun experience. We thoroughly enjoyed it, especially at the end of a somewhat stressful travel day.

Arriving in Taipei after leaving 37 degree and raining Tokyo
18 fold dumplings at Din Tai Fung in Taipei
Xiaolongbao dumplings and beer (excuse the photo orientation)

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