Changing hotels today so we had breakfast at Hotel Ambience, dropped our bags, and headed out. Picked up 3-day metro and bus passes at the metro station ($15). First stop was Lungshan temple – an amazing introduction to Chinese temples. It was decorated with hundreds of paper lanterns, animal, human, and god figures. Beautiful Chinese music playing. Folks worshipping in prayer/meditation, throwing down red wooden blocks, lighting candles and incense. It was a wonderful multi-sensory experience at an amazing temple compound.  Also visited another temple, had lunch in Ximending, relocated to the International Tokyo Hotel, and had dinner two doors down from the hotel at a dumpling restaurant that was founded by a former Din Tai Fung chef (a great recommendation from the hotel staff).  After one day we’re really liking Taipei and enjoying the weather.

Lungshan temple


Noodle lunch at Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle


Communing with Koi at Bangha Qingshui temple


No respect for Chiang Kai Shek


Noodles, dumplings, and beer at Jin Din Rou

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