We had a pretty good day in Taipei.  Started off with a ride up the Maokong gondola, 4 kilometers and about 20 minutes, sailing pretty high over the landscape below.  Apparently the thing to do at the top is hike around the mountains but we didn’t feel like it so we walked up and down the street.  We had a peanut ice cream wrap then found a restaurant with a terrace overlooking Taipei for a beer and some quiet conversation.  Afterwards we headed to the Taipei 101 tower for lunch in the basement food court.  Lots of choices but I wanted to try one of the local specialities – baby oyster omelet (I don’t know why since I’m not a big fan of oysters or eggs).  It was kind of weird with a mucus-y goo.  Not my favorite food so far this trip.  We walked around a bit in the afternoon and made our way to Shilin night market.  Taipei is famous for it’s numerous night markets but Shilin is one of the largest and most famous.  Lots of great sights, sounds, and smells.  We had chopped pork stuffed buns and cow tongues (pastry with peanut spread shaped like cow’s tongues).  Both were recommended in various blogs and definitely worth seeking out.  Only one more day in Taipei before heading off to South Korea.

Maokong glass-bottom gondola high over tea plants


spent the afternoon enjoying the weather, the view of Taipei, the trip, and each other


Taipei 101 food court lunch – oyster omelet was a bust


Shilin night market for dinner



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