Goodbye Seoul (annyeong).  Our last day here. Tomorrow we’re taking a bus to Donghae to catch an overnight ferry to Vladivostok Russia. Should be fun.

Today we visited the War Memorial of Korea. It’s definitely worth spending some time there. The exhibits are well displayed with English explanations throughout. It was really informative.  We learned a lot about the Korean War as well as earlier Korean military history, including cool displays of ancient warships.  Fascinating country.  Tons of static displays outside including Chinese and USSR equipment.  Thanks to Kathy’s father for his Korean War Air Force service.

at the Korea War Memorial, the replica of the ship sunk by NK in 2002, 6 dead SK sailors; red marks bullet holes


a new friend at the Korea War Memorial

Another stroll across the Seoullo walking path to Namdaemun market for our last deep-fried sugar-coated dough twists.  The market is such a cool place and the walkway is a great way to get there from our bnb.  This evening we’re packing and preparing for the next leg of our trip.  Goodbye Seoul.

Seoullo is a great place to stroll


contemplating the great smiley face Buddha outside Namdaemun


our apartment is on the fourth floor, right across the street from Seoul Station; great location


recharging our tmoney cards


up from the bowels of the metro at Seoul Station

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