Okay, so here’s how the pickpocket attempt went down in St. Petersburg. We were walking on the sidewalk along Nevsky Prospekt heading back to our hotel on Saturday afternoon. We were in the midst of a crowd bottled up at the Anichkov Bridge crossing. Two men with fistfuls of flyers on either side hemmed me in and started shoving flyers at everyone around them, including a baby in a stroller next to me. Of course this seemed strange since the flyer shovers are always located at the business they’re promoting, not ambling along the street. Anyway while those two kept me pinned in between them, their accomplice bumped aggressively into me from behind. As he pushed past me, I blurted out ‘what the fuck, man’ and he snarled something in Russian, probably not very complimentary. I immediately knew what had happened and mentioned it to Kathy, who was walking a few feet ahead of me. We stopped and I checked all my pockets and backpack. Nothing missing. I attribute this to my Bluffworks travel pants. Both my wallet and passport were zipped up in ‘hidden’ pockets. If I’d have had regular pants on that day, I’m sure my wallet would have been gone. So big shout out to Bluffworks for saving us from a really bad day. My other impression of that event was that the perps seemed pretty amateurish. Their frantic handling of the flyers was definitely out of place and a sure sign that something wasn’t quite right. I sensed it right away though it probably wouldn’t have made a difference without my travel pants. Being targeted and attacked like that is pretty disconcerting but underscores how important it is to secure valuables and be aware of surroundings at all times.  Afterwards Kathy read something in Lonely Planet warning about pickpockets on Nevsky Prospekt, very appropriate. One further note, this has been the only negative thing that’s happened to us on this trip but a good reminder to always be on guard.

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    1. Yep, nothing like being prepared. We haven’t come across any other bad guys this trip but security peace of mind is as important as actual protection. It was annoying but would have been a really bad day if they had succeeded. Thanks for the comment!!

  1. Hey!!! We’re back from Paris & London!! Remind us to tell you about our particular Russian friend at The Ivy Cafe!!

    1. Hey Annie. Sounds like you had a great time on your trip. Can’t wait to catch up and compare (mis)adventures.

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