(Kathy here) As an admitted fashionista and maybe a little vain, packing for this trip was a real challenge. I limited myself to a cabin-sized carry on and a small backpack that doubles as a day bag. I had to fit all the clothing I would need for three to four months, in temperatures ranging from tropical to frigid in those two bags. Mix in a little rain and snow and I had very little room for anything other than necessities. You will see me wearing the same two pairs of pants the entire trip. The one dress I packed has to do regular duty and be appropriate for more formal dinners and entertainment venues.

everything in those two black bags

But so far I have been pretty happy with my clothing choices and we have experienced all the weather that we expected. Now that we are past the northernmost city we will visit (Helsinki) and it looks like the weather has improved significantly on the continent, I am looking forward to ditching some of the heavier stuff I won’t need again and maybe picking up a cool piece or two of European fashion.

Finnish fashion courtesy Stockmann’s Department store

You know I had to do it. Carl left me alone one afternoon to take pictures on Suomenlinna Island. I jumped on the ferry back to Helsinki and headed straight to Stockmann’s, Helsinki’s equivalent to Dillard’s. It didn’t take long to find a couple of things I couldn’t live without. The last time we traveled I got a big shout out from my beautiful daughter-in-law GG about the pink and black I was wearing. This one’s for you GG.

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