To quote Jimmy Buffett: ‘They’re ugly and square, they don’t belong here. They looked a lot better as beer cans’. Our Airstream is aluminum but not square. Actually it’s got pretty nice curves, ‘aerodynamic’ they claim. Either way I’ve probably finished off enough cans of beer in my life to build at least one trailer so I’m okay with Jimmy.

Acorns are loud. Laying in bed at night they sound like big rocks hitting the roof when they fall from the oak trees overhead. The sound is amplified by the acoustic qualities of our tin can. This is the second site where we’re bombarded by acorns but it’s the season. The squirrels are busy gathering acorns for the coming winter. They get stuck in the treads of our aggressive oversize all terrain truck tires (acorns, not squirrels) and crunch as we roll.

The changing leaves in Virginia are beautiful. We’re told we missed the peak for red leaves but yellow leaves are everywhere. They drift gently to the ground like snowflakes when the wind rustles the tree branches. It rains one night and yellow leaves fall and stick, covering the truck and trailer. We look like a big mottled yellow school bus. But then the sun comes out to dry us off. The leaves stream off when we drive down the road.

I really like our trailer. It’s compact (23’) with the head in the back, galley and dining in the middle, and bedroom in front. The shiny metal interior makes it seem like we’re inside an airplane cabin. We have to pass single file whenever we move around. It’s an upscale hotel room on wheels with everything we need to live comfortably on the road. We limit ourselves to essentials. It’s a work in progress but we rely on the experience of numerous worldwide backpacking trips to keep stuff to a minimum.

Food is part of the adventure. We don’t eat out in restaurants very often, especially in these Covid times. When we do we seek out local or unique places, like Frogmore stew at the Foolish Frog in Frogmore SC, or shrimp and grits at Virginia’s in Charleston, or buttermilk fried quail with collards at the Glass Onion in Charleston or fried flounder in Nags Head NC or ham platter at the Taste of Smithfield in Smithfield VA. So we end up preparing most of our meals. Coffee and cereal for breakfast. Sandwiches for lunch while we’re out. Insta Pot, skillet, or microwave dinners in the evening, along with a glass of wine or two. Our portable induction plate works great for our skillet meals. Microwave rice, curries, and chilis in pouches are delicious.

Trick or treat at the Fredericksburg KOA is interesting. We’re there on the Saturday night before Halloween and the campground is full. It’s a family oriented Holiday park and they’re holding their own trick or treat. Most of the campsites are decked out in pumpkins, spider webs, spooky lights and sounds. People are giving out treats to the pirates, cowboys, princesses, witches traipsing around. We don’t participate, not because we don’t want to but we didn’t know. The next morning the campground clears out. Sunday night we only have a few neighbors. It starts raining that evening and continues all night long. We break camp in the morning in the rain and cold. We’re really looking forward to our next stay at Fort Belvoir in northern Virginia. But of course that doesn’t quite work out as expected.