Hi, I’m Flat Stanley. I come from Zane’s school in Edwardsville, Illinois. I’m visiting Zane’s grandparents Mimi and Grampy. I bet they have some cool things planned for us to do. And I hope the weather is good so we can get out and do them. Let’s have fun!

Me with my suitcase

We already went to Tarpon Springs to see the sponge docks and eat Greek food. I didn’t know that sponges are animals that people pick up off the sea bottom. They dive for them with big metal helmets and heavy dive suits. And in shallow water they use a long pole from a boat to snag them. That looks like a lot of work. The spongers are from a country in Europe called Greece. So the people in Tarpon Springs speak Greek language and the restaurants serve food from there. I had a great time and learned a lot. The weather was nice, about 85 degrees. Here are some pictures.

Sponges are soft
Got one!
This nice fish wanted to play
Went for a bike ride
Tropical fruit at the beach

I can’t wait for our next adventure. Signing off, FS.