Our actual anniversary – but the preamble is from 1976. Carl had just graduated from the University of Florida, on the advice of his best friend he came to Tampa for a job. I was already employed by that company and the very first time I was introduced, this is cliche, it was love at first site for me, he took a little more convincing. That was forty five years ago and we are still sure we made the right choice.

We boarded the Enchanted Princess about noon and spent most of the rest of the day exploring our surroundings. I discovered a bottle of Moet & Chandon in our refrigerator, Carl confessed to bringing it on board. We drank it as we pulled away from Pier 2 in Ft Lauderdale and reflected on the last forty five years. When we got married; we had no jobs, no car and no bank account. I would say we ended up in a pretty good place.

Princess has a very cool system that is relatively new to the cruise industry. Its an electronic device you have on your person all the time, it opens doors, keeps track of you so your traveling companions can find you at all time, monitors how many drinks you’ve had – you get the picture. Walking around the ship we passed a marquee that magically flashed “Happy Anniversary Kathleen & Carl” because the sensors knew we were standing there. pretty cool.

Dinner of course was very good and the wine choices also were very good. A cake showed up at the end of the meal constituting a perfect ending.

We ambled over to a bar for a night cap, then to another bar for another night cap. We never do that sort of stuff so we are like to two kids with no self control!