At sea today, we have the whole day to get oriented and figure out what there is to do while trapped on the ship. Watched the sun rise on our balcony with the coffee I found on deck 5, we are on deck 10. I know, I know, we should have ordered coffee the night before and it would have been delivered to our cabin. Tomorrow!

A little insight into how our minds work when it comes to vacationing and or traveling, there is a difference. We want to do two things for sure, eat everything we want but gain no weight, lol. So this morning we hit the track on deck 17 and walked for five thousand steps, half of the daily goal for us. We aim to make it to one hundred thousand steps by the end of this cruise. We will be mostly successful but its hard to out run pasta in cream sauce, everyday! Not to mention the alcohol on offer.

After breakfast; more ship exploring, time in a hot tub, macciato in the atrium, lunch. One maybe two days of this is enough, my mind wanders back to all things I need to, want to do at home. When I get home I’ll wish for a day to do nothing.