Even though the jogging track is on deck 18 on the cruise ship (only the mini golf mini deck is higher) there are quite a few folks each time Kathy and I go there, except yesterday evening when there was only one other person. I went for a short walk after dinner to digest and contemplate the heavens above. It was peaceful.

The sign says 7 laps equals a mile. Seems about right. The down wind assist pushes you right along, up wind requires a lean. Both directions demand constant attention as the wind tries to throw you around. Track etiquette generally requires you walk/jog on the right, pass on the left. However quite a few folks like to walk on the left. I figure they must be Brits. The gaggles who like to spread across the entire width of the track are usually slow walkers more interested in talking than walking. Then there’s the mother and daughter walking clockwise when everyone else is going counter-clockwise (or anti-clockwise for the Brits). They were either oblivious of their directional faux pas or just plain contrary. They defied the flow for a good long time. We looked forward to passing them by each time around. It helped break up the routine.

As we circle around the stern of the ship the only designated smoking section on board is one deck below. Even though we’re heading down wind, it amazes me that we can smell the smoke before we get there. It’s potent. The smokers are confined to a relatively small space at the tail end of the ship but they have a consolation – the infinity pool to themselves.

All in all we appreciate the track and the variety of passengers there. We don’t cruise that often but I seem to remember that on previous cruises there weren’t near as many people taking advantage of the track. It’s a good thing. Time to go for a walk!