Off the boat we have to walk through the fort, and all the shops, to get downtown.

Curasao is a nicer Caribbean island with a not so nicer past. Willamstad is very nice, upscale and if you don’t do any reading you might think that the entire island is prosperous! It’s not, with an unemployment rate of over 25% there are some serious issues here. But I like to think my tourist dollars go toward helping the entire island not just the merchants.

The Queen Emma floating bridge is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It guards a narrow cut through the island and must be moved, horizontally across the water, the entire thing! If you are on the bridge when it needs to go you go with it, trapped until the boat traffic clears and the bridge is moved back into place. I’ve never seem anything quite like it.

Lots of great street art here is Curasao, really good street art.

This is a short stay so we are back on the boat at 1:00. Carl went right to work to update our site. He got that done so now there is a learning curve and I am struggling to do things today I did so easily yesterday. Patience I’m told is a virtue… It’s so much easier to sit on the deck, in the hot tub and at the bar..and do nothing. But, I want to remember these experiences, moreover I want my children and grandchildren to have a record of these experiences. They don’t care now but they will.

Street art depicting the sweet voiced Trupial, aka the “sugar thief”