Since we can only get off the boat on Dominica, on an excursion, we opt for the historical rather than the beachy stuff. The plantation Bois Cotlette; sometimes a sugar cane, coffee and rum estate halfway up a small mountain is a great choice. We learn that in the 16th century before there were any rules, French people the “Petite Blanc” squatted on this piece of Dominica and were able to call it their own after a period of years. They may have been able to squat here but they weren’t able to make it work here. Sugar cane was a moderate success but not enough to feed everyone; the Petite Blanc AND their 110 slaves, so they went to coffee. A blight killed the coffee so they went to rum. You get the picture, they were never able to outrun their ill gotten gains. Today a tour company owns the property and there is active archeology going on here.

Bois Cotlett information lecture, our guide is 16 year old Ethan.

Back on the boat we get the bad news, there are to many active covid cases on our ship and the USVI are not allowing us to stop there. So, we are being diverted to the Turks and Caicos. Of all the places we could end up, that would be our last choice. We just had a wonderful vacation there with both Rich and his family and Aaron and to be frank would rather go somewhere else. Not that we didn’t like it, the contrary, it was great.

Sienna, Gigi, Aaron and Zane at Beaches Resort, Turks & Caicos, June 2021
Rich & Gigi