Flat Stanley here for my last cruise report. It was a fun 10 days. We pulled out of Fort Lauderdale in the rain with the ship’s horn playing the Love Boat theme song (Mimi and Grampy had to explain that Love Boat was a TV show long before I was around). But the weather turned out great for the rest of the trip (except for one brief storm that interrupted watching the football game on the big screen on the deck). Here are some pictures of other fun things I did on this trip. I hope you enjoy them. I can’t wait for Mimi and Grampy’s next trip. I hope they take me along. I can travel pretty flat. Mimi and Grampy say that travel opens up people’s minds while they experience the wonders of the world and people around them. It’s a big world. I hope you get to travel to the places that are special for you. Signing off, FS!

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