Today we complete the first of our back-to-back cruises on Enchanted Princess. We left Ft Lauderdale, Florida on April 9 with around 2,600 passengers and 1,350 crew. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean, something that’s been on my bucket list. The whole trip will last 25 days including cruising around the North Sea after the crossing. We were originally scheduled to visit St Petersburg, Russia and other ports in the Baltic Sea during the second part of the cruise but that all changed when Russia invaded Ukraine. The cruise lines always state that the ports are subject to change and we had another change yesterday.

We’ve made four stops. The first was on day 8 in Ponta Delgada, Azores. Then day 11 in Brest, France and day 12 in Cherbourg, France. Right now we’re in Copenhagen, Denmark and it’s light at 5:00 am. With all those sea days, we had lots of time to settle into ship life like walking on the track on deck 18 (windy) or the treadmills on deck 17 in the Fitness Center (interesting when the ship is rocking), eating, catching some of the shows, playing a few trivia games, having before-during-after dinner drinks, hanging out in the Enclave (a spa with steam rooms, sauna, whirlpool, heated lounges). We haven’t lacked for things to do. Our internet connectivity has been spotty so it’s been a challenge to research and post anything. Hopefully we’ll be able to include some pictures soon.

There was a lot of ship traffic when we left the English Channel into the North Sea, a mix of ferry boats, freighters, fishing boats, heading in all directions. I counted seven in sight at one time just looking out our window, along with quite a few oil rigs with helicopters coming and going. We were scheduled to stop in Skagen, Denmark yesterday but the commodore decided to bypass it for Copenhagen because of possibly strong winds though when we sailed by there in the middle of the night we didn’t encounter rough seas. A lot of the passengers were glad to skip Skagen but we were all looking forward to it.

Besides that change of port, the weather and the seas have been amazing. Right now I’m looking out our stateroom window at the wind turbines in the waters off Copenhagen and there are no waves. The temperature is 43 degrees F with clear skies. Even crossing through the English Channel into the North Sea the waves were minimal, the skies were clear, and the temperature was 48. I was concerned because I’m prone to motion sickness but I only had one day where I felt just a little queasy. Every port had rain forecast but we’ve been lucky so far. The weather could definitely be a lot worse this time of year.

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