Along the Nile January 2017

Welcome to our blog.  We’re Kathy and Carl and we love to travel independently,  in the USA and around the world.

It started for us both when we were teenagers.  I (Carl) went with a school group to Europe the summer I graduated from Mary Immaculate High School in Key West.  It was a ‘grand tour’ visiting London, Paris, Rome, and Madrid in three weeks.  I had a great time and thought it was quite adventurous for a group of Catholic kids.  However Kathy was a bit ahead of me on the adventure side of things.  When she graduated, her folks gave her a few dollars and a plane ticket and sent her off for three weeks on her own.  Through those experiences, we each gained a deep initial appreciation for Europe and the joy of independent travel.

My return was a couple of years later when I spent six months in Florence with the Florida State University overseas study program.  Then a few years after that, Kathy and I met, quit our jobs and spent nine months hitchhiking/backpacking from England to Israel.  Fast forward a couple more years and we both joined the Army where we were stationed in Germany for four years.  Army, careers, and kids put a slight damper on travel for a few years.  However starting in 2003, we’ve been able to resuscitate our travels.  And now that we’re both retired, more is definitely in our future.  Thanks for joining us along the way.